Hello Dolls

I was so excited to come across these jeans from!(::::HighRize:::)! they are the answer to those of us that adore the look of thigh high boots but cant seem to find a pair that work with our thick and lovely lower half. Not saying that they won’t be just as sexy on a slim shape but, my sista’s with with a lotta junk know just what I’m talking about! No need to adjust your shape with these. Also be sure to drop by BAX while the sale is still going on the older style ankle boots. Enjoy =0)

BAX Ankle Boot Black Leather (ankle boots on sale)
A&Ana Black Passion SET
ICONIC-Gina-RemyV1-Obsidians(NEW STYLE)
MONS / Hippie Chain Headband (black)
!(::::HighRize:::)! Givenchy BaseBall Tee(Fi*Fridays)
!(::::HighRize:::)! HIghwaist LeatherJeans blue(Fi*Fridays)

Ooh-la-licious Bare Essentials2/Chocolate/Bare Gloss
Layered with
Black love– eyeshadow
Pink Acid Shiny Lip Gloss-Updated 10 Pack – Black


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