LOOK 171 ~ Lovely Day ~ featuring Ishtari Design Concepts, Paris Metro, Ooh-la-licious, and more

Paris METRO Couture


The Serendipity  furniture set  is brought to you by Istari Design Concepts. It’s classic design and attention to detail make the set very realistic. I adore the bright colors that make it really feel like a place I’d wanna spend my summer days and nights. Those of you that role play will greatly appreciate the poses/sits/scenes in this gorgeous outdoor design. I will add life to your beautiful world. It also includes child poses ,couples, and friends. The complete set comes with the lounge area, dinning area, living area, and the spa area. Serendipity also includes the beautiful pavillion to protect you from the summer sun. You will appreciate the personal service provided by the staff at ..::IDC::.. Be sure to let them know how you found them! The decor is sprinkled with a few of my gatcha prizes(yes I am a GATCHA addict) ,fabulous finds from The Loft 50% off sale(thur July 22), and great deals from The Strorax tree and Chez Moi. The yard is perfect for a garden party. I think it’s gonna be a lovely day!

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Lounge

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Lounge
StoraxTree  Wicker Tray Dark – Tea and Crumpets
The Loft – Decor Books and Coffee
The Loft – Martini Table Black

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Dining

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Dining w/Candle Center piece
[ARIA] Eden plate stack with apples
Queijos e Vinhos CHEZ MOI SET

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Living w/ Pavillion

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Living Area w/Pavillion
Tartessos Arts  TA Vintage Telescope
[ARIA] Oolong Teacup Planters [PRIOR ARCADE EVENT]

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Hot Tub Pavilion

..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” Hot Tub Pavilion w/ massage table
[Commoner] Grown-Up Rocking Horse / Tweed (Charcoal) [PRIOR ARCADE EVENT]
<:*BoOgErS*:> Soap Box Car Taxi Littles [PRIOR ARCADE EVENT]
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Doodle the Rooster [PRIOR ARCADE EVENT]
floorplan. sleepover tent gacha / citrus [PRIOR ARCADE EVENT]

(..::IDC::.. “Serendipity” can be sold as separate rooms but you’ll want it all)


Exile::Glamorous Natural Fusion 2 @ HAIR FAIR 2013

Ooh-la-licious Bare Essentials2/Chocolate/Bare Gloss/Base

Paris METRO Couture: Sorbet Gown – Emerald

Lazuri En tournant CFP Exclusive Bracelet **Special Colors**
Lazuri En tournant CFP Exclusive Earrings **Special Colors**
Lazuri En tournant CFP Exclusive Necklace **Special Colors**
Lazuri En tournant CFP Exclusive Ring **Special Colors**

StoraxTree  Kotyou Fountain – Quiet Waters


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